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Our website, called Encyclopediahub, has been created to share almost all types of knowledge with people, new innovative articles are posted daily by the authors working here. We have copyright on the articles written by us.

According to the copyright law of India, it is a legal offense to use any kind of material made by a person without permission.

That is why if a person uses our articles on his website, his YouTube channel or anywhere and earns money from them, then action can be taken on the person in the following way.

  • Legal action can be taken against that person under the Indian Copyright Act.
  • If someone uses our articles as script in their YouTube videos, then under copyright law of YouTube, they can give copyright strike on that channel.

If anyone used our articles not intentionally, then they should contact us at

If you use our material under fair use, then it will be valid. But fair use will be considered only when

  • 1/4 part of our material is used.
  • Proper credit is given.
  • No income has been earned from our content.
  • The copyright disclaimer has been written.

Note- If someone uses our articles as a topic, then they will not be considered as copied.