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Mars Spacesuit testing on Mars

Mars Spacesuit testing on Mars

Everybody in today’s world is dreaming about building a house on the moon or in outer space. What if I said that this dream is going to be fulfilled very soon. Testing is going on for this and Astronaut is being sent to space. Space agencies are working on it day and night. The same Mars Spacesuit is also being tested. To make it work well. And Astronaut does not have to face any problem in space, for that, a lot of material has also been used in the spacesuit, you will tell that you read it carefully in this article.

What is a spacesuit?

Before going to space, astronauts are given a different type of dress. Which is called space shoot and whose fabric is made from very important material. Which protects the person from the vacuum and temperature in the space and keeps it alive. This is also important because there is no earth-like atmosphere found in space, but there is no atmosphere there.

What is Ortho-Fabric?

Ortho-Fabric is a material used to make spacesuits. Rather, three types of materials are also used to make ortho fabric. Nomex, Gore-Tex, Kevlar These three materials have their different work and are very rare.

What is Nomex? And how will this work in Mars Spacesuit?

This fabric-like material allows the Nomex astronauts to not feel the heat even in a fire-like situation, and the material protects the astronaut from the heat in hot to hot areas or on any planet, as it is used in films I also do it to film a fire scene.

What is Gore-Tex? And what does this use in a spacesuit?

Gore-Tex is also part of an orthopedic fabric. Which protects astronauts from water damping. It can also be breathed in. Even this material is waterproof and it is also used in making any material waterproof.

What is Kevlar? And what does this use in a spacesuit?

Kevlar is also the material of an ortho fabric. It is used to make spacesuits. It protects astronauts from any type of asteroid or stone in space and Kevlar is heat resistant and strong synthetic fiber, also used to make bulletproof jackets.

Why is Teflon used?

Teflon material is used to make gloves for astronauts. And it is used in the upper and lower part of the gloves, it is also very smooth and does not explode. Because the soil found in the space is so sharp that if some particles of material are applied to the spacesuit, then it can be cut slowly by cutting the suit. That’s why this material is used to make gloves and the upper and lower parts of the gloves. And everybody knows that nowadays Teflon coating is done to protect the paint of two-wheelers and four-wheelers so that the paint does not scratch. Started.

What does Vectran use in the spacesuit?

In a spacesuit, Vectran material is used to make the inner part of the space suit’s palms, it is the material cut resistance that is very important for the surface of the space. The Vectron Material also protects astronauts from cutting gloves. It has also been sent with a mission to test the Mars Spacesuit materials.

Where does Polycarbonate work in Spacesuit?

This material is used in a spacesuit helmet that prevents ultraviolet rays from coming from the Sun. The main reason for using polycarbonate in the helmet is that it does not break the material. Rather the band becomes broken and saves astronauts from ultraviolet rays. This has the advantage that whenever the astronaut collides with anything. So his helmet will not break, due to which he can easily defend himself.

What was the need to create a separate Mars Spacesuit for Mars?

It is, therefore, necessary to make a separate suit for Mars. Because the environment of Mars is different. Just like the ozone layer present in our earth stops the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, similarly, it is not available on Mars and all the ultraviolet rays come directly from the sun on Mars. Even there, there is no such thing as atmosphere. But we have only lived in the atmosphere of our earth so far and we like to remain the same. Mars is also a terrestrial planet. But the conditions there are not such that we can live on Mars without a spacesuit, so we will need a special suit for Mars which we will call Mars spacesuit.

How are the circumstances of the Moon and Mars different?

As an environment, Mars’s atmosphere is much thinner. But speaking of the same Moon, there is no atmosphere there. That is like we live on our earth. There is oxygen here due to which we humans stay alive and our earth protects us from the ozone layer from ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun. In the same way, ultraviolet rays coming from the sun on moons and mars are spread all around there. In which any human can live for a very short time and it is also very difficult to serve there, that’s why space suits are made to go into space. Which can keep the astronaut safe under the circumstances of the moon and mars and protect them from unintentional dangers because the conditions here are much different from the earth. But in the coming future, we will have built our houses on the Moon and Mars. How long does this work By the way, NASA and various types of space agencies claim that if they can colonize Mars by 2036, Mars spacesuits can be made before this time?

Why is NASA’s Artemis Mission important to go to Mars?

The Artemis Mission is being directed by the US space agency NASA. This is a space program whose goal is to send a man to our moon again and gather the necessary information from there. However, the Artemis program is the first step towards NASA’s long-term goal of establishing a permanent presence on the Moon. That is to say if we have to colonize Marsh. So for that, we have to colonize the moon first and this is the mission Artemis is being guided by NASA.

What is the future of spacesuits?

In the coming times, as these space agencies are telling that us, that even an ordinary human being, can go into space. So we need to have a special, much more important costume. Whose work is the spacesuit? Which will keep us alive in space, it is very important to have a good suit of space and to suit the atmosphere of the space. By the way, space suits are going to be very useful in our future too.

How long can Mars be colonized?

More recently, the Artemis mission has been sent to the moon. The task of this mission is that he can colonize the moon because we have to colonize the moon first to colonize Mars. Yes, it can be a bit difficult, but it is not possible. For which Artemis mission has been sent. As soon as we colonize the moon. Similarly, the Artemis mission will send the second lesson and the third text of this mission so that we will colonize mars as well and NASA claims that they will colonize by March 2036 also to see if it can be done or not.

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