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Friends, if you are on the privacy policy page of Encyclopediahub, it means that you care about your privacy and just like you, we care about your privacy as much as you are the one who is the first for us and your Privacy is our first priority. And for this reason we do not share any of your personal information with anyone without your permission, nor do we send nor rent it to anyone. Actually, we do not even ask for any of your personal information here.

We wholeheartedly respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it, we do not give any data to any third party without your permission and this is also against our policies. Whether or not we take any data from you, how we run our website and present it to you, what you can see and what we can do on our website, what you do on our website What are the rights and what are our rights? If you want to know this, then you have to complete this post so that you know by the end what other rules you may have to follow while on our website and if you do not If we do, then what action can we take against him?

About Encyclopediahub

This website has been created for sharing knowledge, where we keep posting new and everyday articles related to knowledge so that you can learn something new everyday. The content shown here is completely prepared by our team. Through this website, we try to answer your questions correctly so that when you read an article, in the end you are completely satisfied with that article.

What information do we share on this website

Here you will find many articles related to science, science related news is also updated here, some problems related to your personal life, which you always want to find solutions, you will also find here related articles from your lifestyle. You can see articles related to your health here too. If you want to know what happened on this day in history, then you are at the right place, you will get complete information about the events that happened in history. Apart from this, you will also see many types of facts here, which you can increase your knowledge by reading. And apart from this, you can see many types of articles here, which will prove to be informative only and only for you.

Friends, here we present our articles for you absolutely free, but the source of our income is Google Adsense, from which we earn income. On this website you can get to see Google’s ads which if you click on it, then you can get redirected to another website which provides ads to Google. If you click on an ad, we earn a commission from it, there is no pressure on you that you click on an ad, we do not ask you to do so at all. If you like a Google ad, then you can click on it of your choice. If you are using this website, then you accept Google’s Advertisement Terms. Advertisement terms of Google apply on this website.

Your participation on the website

If you like any of our posts, you can like that post, if you want, you can also share it with your friends and you can leave a nice cute comment on that post for us.

Friends, if you feel that there is a deficiency in our post, even if we have made a mistake, you can tell us by commenting below so that we can improve it.

So if you want to contact us then you can contact us through our contact page

In the coming time, you would like to see the article on this website and on which subject, you can also give this opinion in the comment or by contacting us directly.

Some rules for you

Friends, if you comment on our website, then this is some rule for you, which you will have to follow.

You should avoid making unnecessary comments under any post, this will save you time as well as ours.

Do not use a wrong word in comments in any way

Do not misbehave with anyone

Do not comment while targeting any particular person, religion, caste, etc. We do not support any such comment as soon as someone’s feelings get hurt.

Do not post any spam links in comments

Posting or commenting on links to any third party is strictly prohibited.

If you go against the rules then what are our rights

Friends, if you break any of the above rules then here we have some rights reserved which we can use when the time comes.

Any comments that you have made that are against our rules, we can delete those comments.

If someone does this again, we can also prevent him from accessing this website and then he will never be able to take advantage of this website in future.

If you have made a wrong comment, it will not be automatically approved, and we will reserve full right to approve or not.

If you are a content creator

Creating content is a very challenging task and we are doing this job well, our whole team is engaged in this hard work, we gather our information from the internet and present that information in front of you by giving a furnished form. Let’s do it. If you believe that the information provided here is not accurate or is violating the law or is violating your copyright law, then you can kindly contact us so that we can get to the bottom of this whole matter and take the right action. So that.

Can we change the privacy policy?

Yes, we can change our privacy policy at any time as reqiured. But if any change is related to your personal information then no such change will be communicated to you without your permission.

Are we collecting your data?

You come to our website to get information, but in return we do not ask for any personal information from you. No personal information is being collected on this website.

We would like to tell you about browser cookies here. Browser cookies are very small piles that are stored in your browser itself. What is the use of these that we store our big files on your device so that if you open our website again, then we can speed up your website in front of you. So that there is no problem. You can find the use of cookies on our website.

Term and condition

So if you are using our website, then you are obliged to accept the term and condition on this website. If you have any problem with any rules made by us, then you can feel free to stop using our website. We have no objection in this.

All rights reserved

If you do not follow the rules of our website, then we reserve all the rights that we can take any of the above steps against you. We can delete your comment and also block you completely from this website, so friends, hope that you have come to know the rules and laws of our website.

Hope you will follow all the rules and laws of the website and stay with us in this world of knowledge.

Friends, if you have any question or if you want to ask anything or you want to contact us, then you can directly Contact Us .