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Top 7 Skills of 2021 | Earn 1 Lakh/Month | Most Important Skills to Be Successful

Top 7 Skills of 2021

#1 Communication and Storytelling

The first skill that you need to learn is going to be a fluent and effective communication is the most important thing out there. You need to sell yourself properly to people if you want to have a job. if you want

to raise funds for your startup, if you want to communicate your story, I am not saying that you need to be good at English although that does help you need to be good at talking about your own story, why is it that your story matters a good example is of Nike. Nike has been selling a commodity. That is a shoe for the last 10s years of us. The reason that they are successful at selling a commodity at a higher price is that they have a story to tell, they have their logo and their manifesto of “just do it” and that is why they are worth billions and billions right now Now, anyone can go out there and can get like a fake pair of shoes they can get a shoe from China and all, but then reason that Nike has value is because of their brand, it’s because of their storytelling it’s because of the “just do it” tag line that they have if you look at their advertisements, you will see that they want you to understand the importance of going out there and doing things and when I wear my Nike’s and I feel exactly that, that’s what you need to understand, Why is Apple worth so much it’s because they are good at storytelling because they are great at communicating their message. That is what separates them from companies like Samsung or Lenovo or Dell and, they do have products but they do not have a message they do not have a story, even if they do it’s not as strong as an

apple. So make sure that you are great at communicating yourself properly.

Probably even if you are going for an interview you need to be able to sell

yourself properly to the recruiter. So that’s a really important skill that you

should be learning.

#2 Coding | Web Development | App Development

When I talk about coding. I’m not talking about PHP WordPress or something I’m talking about learning how to code in the most trendy Technologies out there so let us say for example react is important

right now. You need to be good at Understanding how to use react, and you should be able to build a full-stack application using just that, a lot of

people out there are learning to program but they are also learning outdated technologies. a lot of people then say that the market is saturated and you should not be learning coding that is not exactly true. A lot of people are there in this code in space, but most of them are average or even if they are good they are learning outdated technologies. So make sure that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends what is it that the startups are right now using they use react they use flutter and they use these modern technologies.

So if you learn these you will have a lot of different opportunities just go to Angel List or LinkedIn jobs and search over their react JS developer and you find tons and tons of opportunities for you.

#3 Video Editing

The third skill that you need to be learning and is going

to be video editing. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms

out there for you to create content. There is a lot of demand for good video editors, editing is a skill that you need to learn if you want to create

engaging content, why is it that Mr beast? Emma Chamberlain has such a crazy following. They have a personality. They have a video storyline and all but more important than all they are great at engaging the audience. They are great at having high average view durations. And that will only happen. If you are good at editing videos.

If you look at the interview that Mr. Beast gave, he was talking about how his videos have an average view duration of over 70%, imagine tens of millions of people watching your video for up to 70% of the view duration that’s crazy and he is able to do that because he is able to create that engaging video. So make sure that you learn Art of video editing.

#4 Graphic Designing

The fourth skill that you need to be good at is graphic designing. I feel that a lot of people are good at designing but I don’t know how to contextualize their designs for the platform that they are using you need to be both a marketer and you need to be also a good designer because you are essentially putting out your post your design on a platform. Do you need to know ki how does that platform works?

And if you can do that, you will have a great time creating an engaging Instagram post or whatever it is that you’re trying to make but just keep this one thing in mind, if you can create engaging pictures for the ad that companies run. You will be paid a hefty amount a lot of demand is there for this particular skill.

#5 Online Advertising | Facebook Ads | Google Ads

The fifth skill is going to be online advertising now when I talk about online advertising I talk about you know, Facebook ads or Google ads YouTube ads. There is a lot of scope in Facebook advertisements in learning how to show ads that are relevant to people and how to target them properly that is going to be amazing for you. Now one thing to understand is, it will take time for you to understand human behavior if you can understand human behavior. If can understand how to target certain things to people you will be able to crush it using Facebook ads or Google ads.

#6 Copywriting

The sixth skill you need to be good at is copywriting. Copywriting is important. When I talk about copywriting. I don’t just say creating a blog or I am not talking about this may be writing a copy for an ad I’m talking about let’s say you have an eCommerce product that you need to write a product description for or let’s say someone wants you to write there ebook you will be highly in demand. If you can learn how to properly right ok for the ads for you know, ebooks or product descriptions as well as for blogs. This skill is really important.

#7 Adaptability

The seventh skill is going to be your ability to adapt to changing scenarios this is also a huge skill that you need to be learning. You need to be able to juggle and you need to be able to change your skill sets depending on what’s trending in the world right. Now maybe right now is a video content is going crazy maybe let us say 10 years down the line AR, VR is going crazy. So you need to be able to learn different skill sets and that is how you will become a highly demanded person always remember one thing that guys your main focus should be on learning as much as possible sure the earning can happen afterward but if you learn a particular skill that can stay with you for a long amount of time and you can monetize on it afterward but focus on learning properly focus on becoming a great person in that particular skill.

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