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What is OTP? How does OTP work?

What is OTP: You too will see OTP being used everywhere on mobile. OTP is used everywhere from money transfer to the bank to login to your WhatsApp. OTP is considered the safest way to login in to the Internet.

But do you know how OTP works? And what really keeps us so safe? Can our device never be hacked using it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of OTP? We will know all this in today’s article. Please read the post gracefully.

What is the full form of OTP?

OTP full form – One Time Password This is a password with which we can login only once or do any transaction. After that, there is no cost. Every time we get a completely different OTP of 6 to 4 digits which we have to enter while login or transaction.

OTP is mostly sent by SMS or email.

Because of this, even after knowing our password, one cannot login with our id without our consent. Nowadays, OTP is being used on online shopping and social-media applications. But we will talk further about how safe it is.

How does OTP work?

OTP passwords are sent to us by some software. This software selects any 6 or 4 digit number in a random manner and sends it to us via SMS or email. The software does not follow any method in choosing this OTP. And the next time the software will remove OTP, even the software maker does not know.

After this, it is sent to the user by SMS or email as soon as possible. It is sent to the same email or number so that no one else can misuse it. And in this way, OTP reaches your mobile in a very secure manner.

What is the use of OTP? Why we need OTP?

The Internet was not so secure before the arrival of the OTP system. If you used to create an account of yourself and could have found out your password in any way, then he could withdraw all your money. Or could have misused your personal information. Hackers had found many ways to retrieve your password.

They used to guess the password of the people like most people keep the password after mixing their name and birthday. Apart from this, they used to enter many passwords until the correct password is detected. Apart from this, they used to make “fake websites” and login to you, and take out your password from there. This made people very afraid of online shopping or peso transactions. But all this changed after the OTP came and the faith of the people returned.

Where OTP is used?

Nowadays, every company insists on using OTP for online login or transaction from its users. This is so that their users are protected and also keep their trust in the company. However, most of the OTPs we see while shopping online or transferring money.

Apart from this, social media applications also use OTP nowadays. The best example of this is WhatsApp and Telegram where only OTP is required to log in. Apart from this, many other apps (like Instagram) are coming up with two-factor authentication nowadays, in which you have to enter both your password and then OTP. This reduces the fear of account hack.

What are the Benefits of OTP?

The biggest advantage of OTP is that it is impossible to detect beforehand. So it cannot be hacked easily. To get an OTP, a person must have that mobile number. So as long as you have your mobile phone, no one can withdraw money or information by entering your account.

This is why hacking cases were reduced soon when OTP started being used. After this, a big benefit of OTP is that you do not have to remember the password. And even if you forget the password, you can change the password through OTP. This makes Internet access much easier and safer.

What are the disadvantages of OTP?

You might think that after using the OTP system, your account can never be hacked. But I would like to tell you that this is not the case at all. Even after this, hackers can withdraw and withdraw money from your account.

First of all, hackers can detect your OTP by installing an app on your phone. So do not install apps other than Play Store. After that, the hackers can call you and ask you for your OTP. Now at that time, you can probably mistake them as giving them your OTP by considering them as a company. But you have to pay the price by emptying your account.

So always keep in mind that you do not give your OTP to anyone unless you have complete confidence in it. Because your safety is your own duty.

What did you learn today?

Today you learned that OTP full form, how OTP works and what is its importance in our life. After that we also learned what are the benefits of OTP and how it protects us. And to protect ourselves from hackers, we also learned some important things. If you like this stuff, then share this article with your friends and family. And for more similar articles, subscribe to our website and start the notification.

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